Wednesday, November 13, 2013

back to school years ... 30s is the new pre teens!

Once you finish school and enter the anticipated magical realm of College, you feel liberated. How long that liberation lasts varies from person to person. But never in your imagination you ever again go back to junior/high school again. Never to have regulated home work hours and tests for which your parents can judge you...ever again.
You probably weren't seeing the future as a parent!
Yes... i believe now that history repeats itself ! and someday are repeated in a worse way perhaps.
Where it was your job just to wake up, now you will be waking up your own self as well as others... preparing breakfast, fixing school lunch, cursing yourself for forgetting to ask the kaamwali to hang the ironed clothes in the breakfast area.... scolding the kids for taking off the shows somewhere that no one can find now... terrified to be late... hating the weather for being too hot or too cold.... fighting with the hubby for misplacing car keys.... and above all regretting to put the phone alarm on snooze! Why the hell did they even create the snooze button? I am sure..sure sure sure...that no one has ever benefited from it! Perhaps there should be separate MORNING ALARM in every phone, WITHOUT  a snooze button!

Any ways.... i was only whining about the morning blues so far. The day is just beginning.
So those of you who have put their kids into fancy shmancy big named schools, you all know how the traffic is ****ed up around there? Not to mention post Shahbaz Sharif's azeem awesome idea of closing all opening on MM Alam road, the two round abouts at the edges are an everyday hell hole for drivers at home time schools hours! So the 5 minute drive from my daughter's school to my place generally end up being of 45 minutes at least every single day (i'm not even gonna mention the Friday fright!)

Yeah then comes the lunch part...well since that has nothing to do with being back in your school regime, i wont bug you with that. But future parents..BEWARE!
Since our great National non-unified education system follows different rules and curricula for every single school in Pakistan, your coming face to face with home work tremors will vary . I never knew that even the various franchise of the same school follow different patterns of teaching! O yes they do! So depending on your patience, ability and interest of your child, kindness of school teachers, distance from TV, Computers, PSP, V, X Box, and Toys, and the kind of food (sugar and carbs specially) , your home work time could go very smooth, or very bad!

And after you are done with all this... comes the bed time... and with it...THE STORY TIME! The first few years of your child's life will define the following years of story time. If you are a first time parent (like us) you 'd have spoiled your child in pre-school years with story time...and now ...those times take revenge with BED TIME. i have observed an equation:

Story Time = Time Remaining to Wake Up x The Length of the Story
                                    The Questions Asked by the Children

so the less time is there for you to sleep that night, the more the story gets dragged!

But once the children are in bed and you thank God for the beautiful day that you just had, looking at them fast asleep... fills your heart with joy and love of a kind that is incomparable. In the thick silence of night , motherhood seems like the best thing ever, and you think "its not that bad. perhaps i can handle more of these creatures!" and you smile to your self quietly. And maybe someday, you even utter these thoughts to your husband
 "Honey! you know i was thinking, perhaps we should have one more child?!"
and he looks at you with eyes wide filled with anger. And he stabs you right there in your chest...and blood fills the room. You tear your shirt open to pull out the dagger and run outside in the lawns which are being sprinkled, and you are like

and that's it.

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