Sunday, August 17, 2014

Democracy..? Are you kidding me?

Democracy...? What Democracy..? Pakistan is not a democratic state bhai jaaan! If you have not been able to understand and accept that so far then I m sorry for you. But I can help you make some observations in order to facilitate the coherence of it all. Ok.
So as it has been sadly happening since our Prophet(PBUH) left the earthly plane , kya saints and what politicians , everyone near the chance to be a ruler has relentlessly fought to grab the throne. And tried his best to pass on the legacy to his sons or brothers...unless beheaded by them or someone else. The pattern has been very steady and perhaps has more to do with the human condition rater than being a Muslim notion. I mean its a natural kinda behaviour
..scientifically also. Every living creature is designed in a way to be able to pass on its genes to the next generation, so the species procreates and doesn't become extinct. And we, the human species, has evolved so highly, that we have divided ourselves further up ...we have
                 Races !
                Cultural and Social Belief systems!
Political Parties!
           Left and Right Viewpoints!

And lots more that can divide us all and put us in these pseudo compartments that make it feel so real and put human against human in such a way that killing the other only seems just OK... Just cannibalism is not a norm yet since we are human and it only deems right for the wild animals only who can kill and eat other species.

So why is it not accepted that a political leader will favour his own brood! Every living creature will strife to survive! Weather that means they will cheat , buy or rig the elections! If they have to sleep on the containers in the rain ...they will do that! And I am sure each one of these political party leaders sincerely believe that they are good human beings...good people. Trust me ...none of them laugh the filmy Evil laugh when they are alone with the other evil ones( cuz only you perceive them as evil...for their kind they might be holy as hell!).

Hence Democracy in a country like ours..which is still dividing , where people (accept it my reader that people like you and me too!) take pride in these divisions... Is not happening yet. This so called democracy is obviously will be the next few probably. It won't be a true democracy till we learn to love each other as a nation....
 Till we accept the lefts as lefts...accept the rights as rights..and let each other be. ...
Till we stop proving the others wrong and our kind right...
Till we grow up to be the humans we truly are and are not conformed to the mould of a fake classified humanity any more.

In a situation like ours we need a good evolved and powerful he or she is democratic, in boots, or bears a different skin color. We all need the kind of democracy that puts us in our place...just like it does on the motor way or Lahore's mall road. As long as you know that "camera's eye is watching you" and you will have to pay a fine for breaking rules, we become such good drivers and citizens...and as soon as we get out of that zone ..we suddenly transform into the the unevolved free animals that we truly are.

So democracy? What democracy? You are kidding right?